Adventure Time Theme Song Plays
Finn *Whistling**Walking Through Candy Kingdom*
Finn Huh,Seems Like A Ghost Town Out Here
Finn *Yells*JAKE!BMO!PRINCESS!*Normal*I Guess Its Like Church Or Something.
Finn (Wind Blows, Time Orb Rolls By)Hey!Looks Like PB's Time Thingy!*Picks Up Time Orb*What Does This One Do?*Presses "Time Warp" button* ... Must Not Wor-*Time Machine Flies Into The Sky With Finn AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Jake *In OOO With PB,FP,And Cinnamon Bun* Finn!? Finn!?? Dang it,Wheres Finn?
Finn *In Past Tower uUggHHH*Gets Up From Ground*Stupid Thing!*Picks Up Time Orb And Chucks It]]
The Lich *Flying Around*
Finn *looks Out Window* Oh Glob!...Wait...*Smiles And Takes Out Grass Sword* *Yells*HEY LICH!
The Lich *Looks At Finn*
Finn *yells* IM GONNA KILL YOU!
Song Feel This Moment-Finn Day Version Plays While Finn Slays the Lich 
The Lich WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finn What Ya Donk!
The Lich If You Kill Me,OOO's Timeline Will be Messed Up!
Finn Oh Yeah...Mabye This Is A Bad Idea......NOT!!!!!*Chops Off Lich's Head Off
The Lich



  • Falls Into A Abyss Like the Portal In Return To The Nightosphere*
Finn *Deep Voice* I'll See You In The Nightosphere You Sick Freak *Presses Time Warp Button Again And Returns To OOO,And Lands Fainted*Ugght
Princess Bubblegum And Jake

PB:Finn?Finn!Jake:Wake Up Dude!


  • Talking Fast*I Killed The Lich And Reset Timeline And He Fell In A Portal!!!!!OH MY GOSH I CANT UNDERSTAND THIS!