Finn The Human Is The Main Character Of Adventure Time Lich Is Dead

Finn The Human
Finn The Human
Name Finn The Human
Age 16
Species Human
Occupation Blacksmith,Adventurer
Relatives Brother Jake

Best Friend/Sister Deary

Mother Margaret

Father Joshua

Friend Ice King

Friend Fionna (After Ice Kings Secret)

Friend Cake (After Ice Kings Secret)

Brother Jermaine

Introduced In Animated Short
Latest Appearance Finn Day
Voiced by Jeramy Shada


Finn Is One Of The Only Remaining Humans In OOO(Other Being FionnaAs Of Ice Kings SecretHe Wears A Baby Blue "Boys Style" Shirt,A Darker Blue Pair Of Shorts,A Lime Green And Dark Green Backpack,And White Hat With Little Bunny Ears Covering His Long Blonde Hair

Swords,Weapons And AbilitiesEdit

This Section Has The Weapons And Abilities Of Finn


This Sub-Section Has All Of Finns Swords

Swords From The Original ShowEdit

Demon Blood Sword

Grass Sword

New SwordsEdit

The Liches Blade

Chainsaw Sword

Swords From Magical PowersEdit

Ice Sword Forged From Ice Powers

Fire Sword Created From Fire Powers

Other WeaponsEdit

This Sub-Section Has Finns Other Weapons

Magical AbilitiesEdit

This Sub-Section Has Finns Magical Abilities

Fire Powers Taught From FP

Ice Powers Taught From Ice King


Major AppearancesEdit

Season 1Edit

Finn Day

Treehouse Remodel


Bye Beemo

Goodbye Jake

A New Evil

Boom Boom Mountian Overrun

Minor AppearancesEdit

Season 1Edit

3 Again

Season 3Edit

Jake The Dog


I'm Gonna Kill You!

Finn Day